100 Portraits Book

One Hundred New Mexicans Speak for a Legacy

One Hundred New Mexicans Speak for a Legacy

In recognition of New Mexico’s centennial, one hundred New Mexican’s have stepped forward to share their reasons for wanting to protect Rio Grande del Norte.

This book - One Hundred New Mexicans Speak for a Legacy - offers the words of some of those individuals for whom this land is vital. These people—ranchers, sportsmen, artists, and children—understand that this land holds within it a power far greater than themselves.

Why have New Mexicans come out in such great numbers to support the preservation of the Rio Grande del Norte?

Is it because the economic health of our state depends on the preservation of our pristine lands? Is it because water is so critical to our survival?

Is it because, very simply, we love this land?

Our reason for speaking out for the Rio Grande del Norte encompasses all of these issues and more. Those of us who have been here understand: northern New Mexico draws one in. The land itself inspires a profound engagement with the natural world, a more holistic ethic, an intelligent humility toward our place in nature.

If these lands were harmed, our community would be devastated. New Mexico would be severely impacted—economically, environmentally, spiritually—with demoralizing consequences. This is why so many of us are speaking out to protect these lands. Our connection to this land signifies something so precious as to be irreplaceable. Here, our lifestyle, traditions, and culture are all tied to the land. The Rio Grande del Norte is our refuge, our home, our spirit. In short, it is us.

If you have not been to our land, we invite you to take a look at our story. Listen to our words.

By sharing our views, we hope your imagination will be sparked by petroglyphs, or you will be intrigued by mystery and the handiwork of our ancestors. We hope you will also join our efforts to protect this amazing place for future generations.

The majority of the photos in the book were taken by Geraint Smith.  


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    What a wonderful concept/approach/idea to help people better understand the importance and true meaning of the Rio Grande de Norte! How does one purchase a copy of the book?

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